How to Play

Starting this Summer Split, Fantasy LCS puts you in charge of your own hand-picked team of LCS pros. Build your team, scout the competition, watch the LCS, and compete each week against your friends. Outplay your competition and lead your fantasy team to victory.


Create or join a Fantasy LCS league

The action starts when you create your league, invite your friends, and organize your draft.

Already have an invite? Follow the link to the league page, name your team, and wait for the league creator to start the draft. Keep in mind, no drafting until your league is full.

Creating your team

Build your dream team of LCS stars from both the North American and European LCS Leagues during the draft. You and your friends take turns picking the players you want to form your team.

You'll be picking the following positions:

7 Starters:

1 Top
1 Jungler
1 Mid
1 AD Carry
1 Support
1 Flex player (an extra player from any position)
1 Team (like Cloud 9 or Fnatic)
3 Alternate players who can sub for a Starter

Drafts happen in real time, and you have up to one minute to make each pick. You can sort players by position, or search for a specific player by name. When it’s your turn in the draft, you drag the player you want into an open position on your team.


Set Your Roster

Every week, you can change your starting lineup for your roster. Who’s on a hot streak, who’s got a difficult schedule? The roster decisions you make will determine whether or not your week ends in victory. Once matches start, your roster for that week will be locked and you can start editing your roster for the following week's matches.

Add/Drop Players

Want to pick up a rising star? Players that aren't drafted onto a team are put into a free agent pool, and you can swap players from your roster with the free agent pool. The swap will affect your next unlocked roster.


See how members of your team stack up against the competition and watch the games to see your score rise throughout the day. Be sure to stay on top of the LCS action each week so you can find rising stars, swap poor performers, and support your team.

Scout out talent

Swap your players

Support your team


Each week you’ll be matched against another team in your league and earn points based on your starting line-up’s performance. Remember, only starters earn points for your team; alternates don’t contribute to your matchup total.

How LCS Players Are Scored

Kills: 2 pts
Deaths: -0.5 pts
Assists: 1.5 pts
CS: 0.01 pts
Triple Kill: 2 bonus pts
Quadra Kill: 5 bonus pts
Penta Kill: 10 bonus pts
10+ Kills / Assists: 2 bonus pts

How LCS Teams Are Scored

First Blood: 2 pts
Dragons taken: 1 pt
Barons taken: 2 pts
Towers destroyed: 1 pt
Victory: 2 pts


Face Off Each Week

Once you set your team it is up to you to manage them to victory. Scout the competition, watch the weekly matches, and out-think your opponents. Your dream team’s performance depends on you!

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