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Fantasy Mailbag: Week 9

It's the final week of the regular season, and Jayway's here to make sure your Fantasy LCS teams are up to snuff.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 9

This split's Fantasy LCS leagues end this week! We look for the players most likely to get you that last win you need.

Fantasy Mailbag: Week 8

Jayway's back for Week 8 to answer your Fantasy LCS questions. Plus, check out the roster swaps happening this week.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 8

After a long week off, which players can you trust to start in Fantasy LCS this week?

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 7

What do you do with those tricky players in Fantasy LCS? We look at some of this week's toughest decisions and make the call!

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 6

We search through the Week 6 match-ups for the best and worst fantasy players to put in your Fantasy LCS starting roster this week!

Fantasy Mailbag: Week 6

Riot Jayway is back to help with your Fantasy LCS conundrums.

Fantasy Mailbag Week 5

Riot Jayway answers your Fantasy LCS-related questions.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 5

Break out your magic crystal ball and help us predict the rising and falling of fantasy stars this week!

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 4

We look at the most promising (and worrying) fantasy players to start or bench this week!

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