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The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 9

Can anyone catch Gustaf's Gentlemen? There are just 2 weeks left for the rest of the pack to find a solution.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 10

Clutch performances will be needed this week as the Fantasy LCS season nears its conclusion. Who's destined to come through for your team?

Fantasy Scouting Report: Week 10

The end-of-split run has sent the standings into turmoil. Who stands to gain and who risks a loss amid the chaos?

Fantasy LCS: Do Slow Losses Outscore Fast Wins?

Do slow losses outscore fast wins in Fantasy LCS? Let's take a look.

The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 8

Yordle Ascension loses yet another heartbreaking game, this one was decided by less than 5 points!

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 9

Find out who to sit and who to start for Week 9 in Fantasy LCS.

Fantasy Scouting Report: Week 9

Underdogs rose and giants fell this week in the Fantasy LCS. How has this shifted the Fantasy LCS landscape?

Losing With Grace: Fantasy LCS

How some teams fight to stay in every game and how this affects your fantasy stars' performances.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 8

It's time again for another edition of who we love and who we hate for Week 8.

The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 7

Code Monkeys makes a case that auto-drafted teams have potential to win a Fantasy LCS league as they slide into a tie for second place!

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