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How to spot a bargain in Fantasy LCS

Wondering how to win your fantasy league? We'll show you some of the tricks you'll need for a successful draft

The Perfect Fantasy Team

We’ve done the math and put together the perfect fantasy team. Oddly, they’re all from one region!

The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 11

Congratulations to Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman, victor of the inaugural Lolesports Fantasy League!

The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 10

It's crunch time as Fantasy LCS approaches its final week. The Code Monkeys have narrowed the gap to just 1 game.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 11

The last week of Fantasy LCS is here. Who do you start, and who do you sit?

The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 9

Can anyone catch Gustaf's Gentlemen? There are just 2 weeks left for the rest of the pack to find a solution.

Fantasy Love/Hate: Week 10

Clutch performances will be needed this week as the Fantasy LCS season nears its conclusion. Who's destined to come through for your team?

Fantasy Scouting Report: Week 10

The end-of-split run has sent the standings into turmoil. Who stands to gain and who risks a loss amid the chaos?

Fantasy LCS: Do Slow Losses Outscore Fast Wins?

Do slow losses outscore fast wins in Fantasy LCS? Let's take a look.

The Lolesports Fantasy League Week 8

Yordle Ascension loses yet another heartbreaking game, this one was decided by less than 5 points!

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